Back to Basics Christmas

Anyone who knows me IRL, knows how I go on about Christmas and how sick I am of its commercialization of it.

The stress, the financial woes...and all for what?

Really, what do we receive?

NOW, I'll admit that I am completely thrilled and still in complete awe of my Canon Rebel that I received last year. I would have been sadly disappointed had I not gotten it. And I know the kiddos should receive some gifts for Christmas. I'm simply talking about how we go completely overboard with thinking we HAVE to buy this person something and that person something and end up getting a bunch of piddly gifts that - although thoughtful and sweet - are usually unused or un-needed. I love the idea of
Rethinking Christmas. Giving of our time or talents. Spending quality time with our children, those are true gifts - the kind you cannot buy at a mall.

I have to share this awesome idea that I read about/watched today at Rhian's blog...all the way in England! She is unbelievably creative and adorable and full of insight. Now I am enamored with her even more than before!

I seriously became excited after watching this YouTube video on her blog.
It is so simple!
What is it? you ask....
It is the Advent Conspiracy.

I share it with what few blog readers I might have in hopes that I can help spread the excitement that I have about it.

I hope you will take the time, as I did to watch some of the other videos about Advent Conspiracy.

Then I hope you will share it with someone.

I have already made a commitment to give some handmade items and buy local for those gifts that I do purchase, but I really want to encourage my family and friends to take this idea into consideration. It doesn't have to be about a certain cause or group, it can be about helping a child or family in your community.

I'm so proud of these two for making a decision to participate in the Angel Tree project and spending their hard earned money to buy gifts for a child in their community who might not get anything else for Christmas.
It is unimaginable for me to comprehend, but it happens right in our communities - children who get nothing more than what some stranger who has a heart and a few extra bucks buys for them.

I am inspired by their generous spirit & huge hearts.


MandieGirl said...

Kim- I love that idea! We are trying to scale WAY back, and trying to focus more on giving to those that are really IN NEED, and spending quality time together. That is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing- I must have missed it on Rhian's blog!

Hope you're having a fab week!

Anonymous said...

I'm discovering your beautiful blog.
So awesome!

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

I love your blog, and Annett's, (the girls do not poop gal) Hardly anyone reads my blog either, she just has a knack for writing.