is this thing on?

Just checking in to make sure the old blog will still let me post...it's been a little crazy getting prepped for Christmas. Still lots to do but I hope to post something later tonight.

for now some photos from yesterday:

Alex & Matt wanted some pictures together and of course we HAD to do it on the coldest dang day of the year! They turned out pretty good I think.

I especially love this one:
Also had our annual mother-daughter lunch - Here is a group shot. We had so much fun and were already planning next year's get together.
My prend and I are standing with our mom's sitting. Left to Right: Judy and her mom June, Karla and her mom Joy, and me and Mom!

Okay, back to gift wrapping!


Katie said...

I really like the second picture. . . where was that taken?

Tommie said...

Fun day, I have been looking forward to this for a year. Great food at the Chinese Resturant in Highland, great presents, most of all the laughs and making new friends. Thanks Karla, Judy and Kim for including your mom's the past few years to your party. Looking forward to next year. The picture of Alex and Matt was taken at the new addition across from WalMart at Ash Flat, I love the bridge.

*kim* said...

Thanks Katie & Mom!
Katie it's in the new development, you turn next to Sonic. It's so pretty back there and this covered bridge is adorable!
Ash Flat....who knew!!!????

Katie said...

I've been meaning to drive back there and check things out. . . now I surely will! Thanks!

Judy said...

Thanks for posting our picture Kim! I always love our "Mom's Christmas party"! And I love you Prend!!


Jann Gray said...

Wow...great pics...that second one is my very favorite kind -- where the couple is in the middle of "relating" to each other...SUPERB!

So...you found my "alter ego" huh?!?!? hee hee. Jann Gray is going to be my married name (soon I hope) -- but for the benefit of our little tv show, we felt like I needed to not change names in the middle of the stream -- so we went with my married name...so my blog, facebook and stuff go under Jann Gray. I tease Royce that there is a reason that we are supposed to get married when we are in our 20's rather than our late 40's! Life just gets complicated when you wait this late! Oh well...it is a complication I cherish as I am totally blessed to have Royce and Weston in my life.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I am so glad that I have met you this year.