Overlooked #2 Collection

I am still doing my Overlooked project. Brainchild of the utterly talented Ashley Wren! The subject this time was collections. I have several things that would qualify but I wanted to focus on a collection that I am still working on...my yellow pottery from Good Earth Pottery.
I started this collection around six or seven years ago {I think}. It started after attending the Christmas open house at Good Earth Pottery and falling in love with the yellow pottery that Rodney Lemonier had created. My family and former employers/friends purchased the soup tureen, ladle and soup bowls for my birthday and that began my collection.
Here is a detail listing of my collection:
  • Soup tureen and ladle: received as a gift from family.- probably the most expensive piece in my collection.
  • Six soup bowls: received as a gift from my former employer (and friends) got this at the same time as the tureen. These started my collection.
  • Two mugs: I bought one and my mom bought one for my hubs to use. (although I'm pretty much the only one who uses them-I think he's afraid he'll break them.)
  • Goblet: a random purchase that I use to hold junk by my sink.
  • Sugar Bowl: A gift from my mom a couple of years ago. I use it, well, for sugar! Actually my hubs does use this piece daily because he uses massive amounts of sugar in his coffee.
  • Little teapot: I bought on the half price shelf because it was so cute and I felt sorry for it because it had the little crack. It is just for display.
  • Salt & Pepper shakers: My most recent addition that my mom got me in December of 2007. We all use these daily, they sit on my counter by the stove. I love these because Mr. Lemonier made a couple of sets as a special order and he doesn't keep them in his regular inventory. I love having special things!
My fav is a toss up between the sugar bowl and my mugs. I love the glaze and design of the sugar bowl, but I love using my mugs each and every morning.
My least fav is probably the soup bowls...although I've never used them...I think they are too small for a bowl of soup.
The most interesting is probably the little teapot because of its unique shape.
The ugliest (if that is possible) is probably the goblet, because it sits by my sink and holds paintbrushes, scrapers, and old toothbrushes. It's not ugly, just its function.
I've pretty much acquired the collection through birthday and Christmas gifts...mainly mom - of course! :)
My collection is housed in thh kitchen and on a display shelf in the kitchen. I don't know if everyone else in my house in necessarily annoyed by my collection. They probably get annoyed at times when I remind them be careful with certain pieces!
If anyone inspired me to begin the collection , it would have to be the creator of the pieces themselves: Rodney Lemonier the potter and artist. I would never get rid of this collection unless a tornado, or other unforeseen tragedy happened.
The coffee mugs, sugar bowl and S&P shakers all get used every day. The other pieces are mainly for display. I don't see me getting "over" my collection anytiem soon, I'll continue to collect it as long as Mr. Lemonier continues creating it.

If you want to see other collections check out the flickr group for overlooked 2

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