8/52 Elsie's 52 Week Challenge

Week #8 Group four photos: I love creating one-photo layouts, but sometimes I have more than one photograph to feature on a page. I like to take four (or more) photographs and cluster them together in a group. This makes them appear almost as one large focal-point photo but allows me to display more images at one time. Try it!

Okay, this one was a real challenge since I'm working with 3x5 index cards! I actually like the way it turned out though. This is my hub's horse, "Dog." My hubs is not crazy...well, maybe a little, but that's beside the point! *i digress...anyway.... He named him Dog because he said he followed him around like a dog. I know it's kind of lame, but he IS a male. Male=Simple minded! *dang, I did it again...sorry...anyway, Dog is full of "piss and vinegar" {as the saying goes} and he just has that hateful look in his eye all the time. It's really nothing personal, really! He just has major attitude - he cannot help it. His name is Dog for goodness sake! Would you not have a little bit of attitude if your name was Ape or Llama? I think he has somewhat of a complex personally.
He is a really gorgeous horse and does have some mad skills.
He is just a horse name Dog!
I took these pictures back when it snowed -in fact I posted one of these pictures that day here. The paper is American Crafts. I love the colors.

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