That is my new name for myself after I bowled a 156 tonight! {"yessssss," in my best Napoleon voice.}

Here is the hubs setting up for a frame. Did I mention I beat the hubs with my 156?
My aunt has perfect form and follow through. Her little kick at the end just cracks me up.My Dad (not a born bowler) and my lil bro Hadley whose birthday we were celebrating. These two would much rather be on back of a horse, or at a rodeo, or watching basketball I'm sure.

Yes, Uncle Tommy, we know your thumb hurts...suck it up and bowl! =) {Sorry about the blur on this one... }

Had to include this one in the recap. First it's just a darn cute picture of my two handsome brothers. Second, if you look in the backgroud you see my sweet Granny. Granny, what are you doing? Picking your teeth? This just cracks me up!How's that pizza Jerry? Also pictured is my stepmom Velisa and my sweet Granny again.Here is Haley and her friend. Haley is my cousin and is on a bowling team. I'm pretty sure my 156 beat her though. Did I mention I bowled two strikes in the 10th frame?
And last but not least, my cousin, Cindy (Haley's mom) who is having a Coke and A Smile...

Shoot, how could I forget Addison!!!??? This is Velisa's niece-Rachel's 3 month old baby girl. Is she not the sweetest thing?

Funny story...these people bowling next to us with some kids and had a baby - older than Addison - they had the baby in a cardboard box. That doesn't sound very good after I typed it! But it wasn't like in a bad way or anything. It was a big box and they had a quilt in there and it was more like a little playpen. It was the cutest thing and the baby was so good and just sat in there and played and smiled and had a grand old time while his family bowled!
I want to encourage other families to go bowling together. We had so much fun and laughed and actually got some exercise. And did I mention that I scored a 156? I'm pretty much like a pro-bowler I think. All that AND I'm going to be the next American Idol!

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Uh...Kim, I think you forgot to mention what your score was when you went bowling!!! LOL ;)

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