Gotta update and get back on track

I know there have been friends and family and friends and family of friends and family checking out the storm pictures, so I have not been posting new art stuff on here for the past week and a half.

I think it's time to update now.

Neighbors, friends and others in my community are cleaning, piling, and rebuilding. Spirits are good and this whole tragedy has once again validated to me why I do love living where I live. People are just willing to lend a hand, pitch in, give money and time to help their community. It is so awesome and makes me so proud and feel so fortunate and blessed to live in the rural South.

A couple of positive updates on the storm...Highland's KFC/Taco Bell has windows! Wooo-hooo. The Highland Hills Baptist Chuch (the one that lost the steeple and still had the crystal chandelier hanging) already has a new front. I suppose their church members are working like mad to rebuild. Thumbs up and kudos for that! One family I know already has started to rebuild. Seriously, it is amazing how quickly most people are getting back to rebuilding their lives. Keep praying people!

I'll be putting my daily blessing up this weekend, but for now, I wanted to post a layout i did last weekend from a SIStv challenge to use this Target ad for inspo. I actually like the way it turned out! Note the sweet Hambly overlay...I seriously love this stuff and hope to get my hands on some of the new stuff just released. If anyone has a Hambly connection...hook a sister up, would ya!?

To all of those who have checked out my blog for storm pics, I say thanks and feel free to keep checking out my other stuff from time-to-time.

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