Overlooked #1 Coffee Cup

1-9-08 coffee cup
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This is the wrap up to the first overlooked challenge to put my coffee mug photo and its story together. I will be doing a scrapbook page on this, but for now, I wanted to get my story together with the picture.
Seriously, this is a great challenge and totally, TOTALLY not limited to scrapbookers. I would love if others who possibly read my sad excuse for a blog would join this challenge. Find it here

My Angel mug was given to me as a gift from my Mom. She had it sent to me from a local gift shot (the Grapevine) at my former job working for an attorney. I honestly cannot remember when she gave it to me, but I've had it a long time and love it because; number one my Mom gave it to me and number two, it is huge and I like the way it feels in my hand. Any mug I have that I use has to feel good in my hands! The mug has become a mainstay at my present job at Ozarka College. Everyone there knows my mug and I'm bad to leave it sitting somewhere. The ladies who work in the kitchen always retrieve it for me.
I have to set the coffee pot to go off so it's ready when I get up at around 6AM. Since I've been trying to get up earlier in 2008 to read my Bible, I first, let the dogs out, put their food out, get my coffee and sit down to read. I fill a travel mug to take on my 30 minute commute to work every morning. Then I immediately go to the kitchen at work and grab my Angel mug and fill'er up! I drink coffee until I go to lunch at Noon. I have no clue how much I consume a day, but with the shaking I experience, I would guess it's more than I need!
I like Folger's regular, black and strong, but I'm not stuck on any brand. I like it hot! I also like the occasional flavored coffee, or a cappaciuno. But on a daily basis, it's just plain old black coffee.

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