More snow overnight...

and another snow day for me!
Here is the same scene I've been taking pictures of to record the snowfall. I took this at about 10AM today after we had even more snow last night. The sun was peeping out which always makes everything glisten. I love it! All in all there is probably 5-6 inches according to the hubs. Of course he tends to exaggerate a tad bit where weather is concerned! He missed his calling I think and should have been a weather man. He loves following the weather, to the point of it pretty much drives me crazy at times watching the Weather Channel and listening to the NOAA weather radio! Anyway, he pegged the snow this time, so I'll give him a break.

Hello DOG!

Yes, this is Dog the horse! (don't ask it is another hubs story.) Long story short...when we got Dog, hubs said he would follow him around a dog...thus his name; Dog. I thought he looked endearing with snow on his whiskers and moisture on his nose/upper lip area. He's like, "Dang, it's flippin' cold out here people!"

On my journey outside this morning I was playing around with aperture settings on my camera and took this one of the snow on the barbed wire. I loved the DOF this captured.

I've been reading Understanding Exposure, a FAB book that breaks down photography techno-mumbo jumbo into easier to understand language for folks like me who just love photography and want to improve the quality of their pictures. I highly recommend the book.

I think the snow will start melting pretty quickly with the sun popping out and temps supposed to begin rising. Then everything starts really shining and glistening. I will probably get some more shots throughout the day.
I should probably shower, dress and make a trip to town as well. The highway is definitely clear and I'm getting a little touch of cabin fever by now. It's been great though being "stuck" in the house. I love the clean, quiet that snow creates on the world. God's way of shutting it up for awhile I imagine and force people to slow down...hang out with their families and reflect on the beauty that only He can create.

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