A day for craftiness

Today is that day! After icky, icy weather sent us home from work at 10AM, what is there left to do? DUH, scrapbook and catch up on some of my blog perusing for lovely inspiration and seeing some eye candy.

One project I have just come across on the SIStv boards is from fashionista Wilna who is offering some goodies for anyone who will be willing to make a card for her friend, Lois who has cancer. It warms my heart completely to know there are people all over the world who have such great friends. I know I do, but sometimes when we hear all the horrific news stories and bad stuff that happens everywhere we feel isolated. It is nice to be reminded that there are good people with big, kind, loving hearts who care about each other everywhere!!!

Anyway, I want to invite anyone who might read my little part of blog world to check out Wilna's blog for more info and to join in on helping to bring some happiness to this lady during such a sad time in her life. I mean, how much would it mean to you if you were diagnosed with such a horrible disease and your friend rallied people from all over the world to send you handmade cards filled with cheer! It gives me chills to think about it. Okay, I could go on & on...(I know, I already did!) but I'm gonna get to scrappin'.

Hope to be back on later with some new creations!

sidebar: oddly, I had never visited Wilna's blog and when I did I realized she has he{art} as her mantra similar to what I've done with my banner. Here is what she has stated: he{ART}: I am all in this one word. my heart is my art. my art is about my heart, my heart is my faith, and my love...and my life; my art is my process. like breathing. and rain. and tears. How cool is that??? I knew I liked her from SIS, but now this really seals it that I think Wilna ROCKS!!

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