more storm damage from Izard County

These are pictures from the Sage/Zion/Melbourne area in Izard County. Sadly, tornadoes have no regard for livestock.
{Did not want to post the up close pictures...too sad.}

These are my friend Suellen's mother-in-law's home. She was inside!

Her living room (notice her pictures are still sitting on the shelf.
Her kitchen, which had just been remodeled.
Here is the hallway where she was when the tornado hit! Amazing!
Next we have Suellen's former home...now home to a local pharmacist.

This basement was their saving grace.
They walked out of that door that's open after the storm passed.
Now that, my friend's is what I call a miracle!


Charin Adams said...

These pictures are so sad :( I have a friend that used to live in Melbourne.I live in Mtn Home so I have seen a lot of damage like this in person. Glad you're safe!
(I came from SIS tv, I saw that you posted pics on the message board)

Patty said...

Kim, I have a friend in Mt Pleasant (I just found out that's in Izard County). Do you know if they had any damage there? I only have a PO Box for her and not a street address so I'm not sure exactly where in town she lives. Thanks in advance for any help!

Patty in Calif