Storm Damage in Highland

The business district in Highland was completely devastated on Tuesday. I took these on Wednesday evening. Miraculously nobody was killed in this area. AMAZING! Also the Highland School was spared which is also a miracle.

These first three photos are of the Midway Plaza Shopping Center.

This is the Chinese Restaurant

Timberline Restaurant

This is looking toward the Conley Ford Dealership (which was actually empty)

Needs no explanation!
Oddly the KFC-Taco Bell Building is next to this:
The old Crispy Cone now known as The Wing Shack.
People were in here....along with three vehicles!
Here is the old Pap Beardsley dealership:
And the fairly new Highland Hills Baptist Church. The steeple ended up in the road, but miraculously the chandelier in the open foyer area was still hanging and in tact.


Patty said...

I can't believe no one was killed there. That's incredible. Thanks for getting back to me! I heard from my friend in Mt Pleasant -- she said the tornado missed them by one valley, so they are alright. I wish I hadn't discovered your blog the way I did (by Googlng the tornadoes) but I want to come back when I have some time and look at your work. I don't scrapbook but I love to see what people make. Take care, Kim!

cliff said...

I remember driving through Highland the morning after this happened to pick up my paycheck from mcds in Hardy. This was the first time in my life that I ever seen tornado damage, I was shocked.