6/52 and 7/52 Elsies challenge

Thought I would post my week 6 & 7 of Elsie's 52 week challenge. I'm just glad I've made it to 7 weeks! Can I hear a whoop-whoop?

Week 6 challenge is to CREATE A RIBBON CLUSTER
Ribbons are beautiful accents on a page - no matter what! But why not take the next step? Challenge yourself to create an accent with a cluster of ribbons. Just tie two, three, four or more ribbons and cluster them together in the same area on your page. To finish the look, tie them onto cardstock, weave them through an embroidered border, or hook a tiny safety pin through them.

I have been wanting to use this cutie patootie picture of Amy with her many colors on.

It's easy to capture photographs of family and events. But for this challenge, I want you to look through the lens of your camera as a photo enthusiast. Take a closer glance at things in your life that you might otherwise walk on by. Look for beauty in unexpected places, inside and outside of your home!
It was hard to choose one, I love taking off-the- wall pics, but I decided to go with this round hay picture from last Spring. I love the perspective against the blue sky.

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