In honor of St. Patrick's Day

So tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and although I'm not as huge of a fan of the holiday as my friend Karla, I still enjoy the day - especially all the green.

Thanks to Mandie's suggestion, this week's color fun is GREEN!

Here are mine so far:

There are already tons of good ones uploaded to the Color Fun Flickr Pool.
Go check them out.
And while you're there, join the group and upload some of your own green photos!

I'll put together another mosaic this week featuring all the fun yellow photos. There were some really good submissions.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


danilouwho said...

ooooohhhh love these.
green is a good color, with or without St. Patricks day. It's so fresh!

Diana said...

I love all your pics, what are you doing all these for?

I really came here to leave a message to tell you that Alex looked so beautiful as did the decorations!! job well done SM!!! I am happy to hear they had fun, isnt this what life is all about even at their age admist all the drama and everyday routines? Thanks so much for sharing and one of these days we will meet IRL - or at least I hope so! Have a Happy St. Patty's Day friend!