the big Event

So I've been all caught up in the big Prom event for Alex since Thursday.
I took off work so I could help make the following images possible.
Let's just say, I completely overdid it!
I'm still sore 4 days later, but I suppose it was worth it.
Why am I sore you ask?
Okay, I want you to notice all the shiny wall coverings in these photos.
I pretty much cut most of those on the floor which meant squatting up and down on and off my knees. Holy crap my thighs hurt so bad and my knees are bruised!
I also cut my hand on a tape cutter and pinched my thumb somehow.
To top it off, I fell off a chair!
Oh yeah, I have bruises from that.
See that gold flourish looking thing?
I was decorating that when I fell off the chair.
Okay, so enough about my sad ailments, let's move on to the big night!
Here is Lindsay doing Alex's "do".
She wanted "big hair" for the occasion.
I'm pretty sure Lindsay can do that for her! :)
The next few photos are from their dinner at Bruce & Carolyn Dietsche's
I love this picture of Alex.
Here we have Alex & Matt, who broke up a couple of weeks ago but still went to prom together.
I think they make a great looking couple, but I suppose teenagers need to explore life before getting so serious in a relationship.

They both have a bright future ahead of them.
The Girls!
Bailey, Alex & Stevie (I love Stevie's cool streaks of color in her hair).
The group: Ely & Bailey, Alex & Matt, and Stevie & Hunter.
The view is overlooking Hardy & the Spring River from Bruce & Carolyn's den - completely breathtaking! They have a beautiful home that they remodeled a few years back.

The prom dinner, provided by Ely's mom, Melanie and grandparents, Bruce & Carolyn.
The menu consisted of filet mignon, shrimp, grilled asparagus, baked potato,
and chocolate cake a la mode.

{It was all delicious as we ate the same menu when the kiddos left.}Alex's face cracks me up in this picture!
Bruce served the dinner guests and I think he had as much fun as the kids!
BTW, his apron says: "The Lady Can Cook".
Alex had a blast at Prom this year.
She complained of her feet being sore she danced so much!

I am glad my "junior parent" duty of prom decorating is complete. I don't think my body could have stood to do it again!


Anonymous said...

Ok, found the pics!!! Love the decorations and their prom dinner-how cool was that???? Jamie

Lynne said...

Those decorations are incredible - you did a fantastic job! btw...I think that Alex kind of looks like Carrie Underwood. Ya think?

Unknown said...

How fun! Great job on everything!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Prend! You did a wonderful job on those decorations! I am so sorry that you are so sore. I hope you are better before I get back next week!

That was so nice of Bruce and Carolyn to have such a nice dinner for the kids! They are so much fun too. I love their house! That view from their dining room is breath taking. :)

Alex was gorgeous as usual!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you're healed by now from all of the Prom injuries:) The decorations look fabulous!! I certainly remember the work we did last year--me as both a jr. mom and the jr class sponsor. Alex looks absolutely gorgeous!!

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