Red and Orange

Two fun & vibrant colors indeed.

First is the red mosaic from last week:
(credits underneath)

1. Canisters, 2. Jake's red hat, 3. Ladybug, 4. truck, 5. tail light, 6. march2009 035, 7. DSCN1023, 8. Untitled, 9. bags, 10. Stop, 11. Go Hogs! Maybe, some year again!, 12. Lady Rebels, 13. march2009 034, 14. Red Mustang, 15. Strawberries, 16. door, 17. Cherries, 18. red skillet, 19. red2, 20. Winter Park FM_090220_0595radishes, 21. stool, 22. Untitled, 23. SamRonald, 24. IMG_0904, 25. Don Juan Rose, 26. DSCN1022, 27. red3, 28. Do Not Enter, 29. IMG_0336.JPG, 30. red bird, 31. colander, 32. DSCN1019, 33. kitchen2, 34. Red barn, 35. DSC_1185, 36. Red Stools in KFC

Next...on to this week's color: ORANGE

There is so much eye candy in here so far this week. Check it out (link)!
I am especially loving some of the tropical looking flowers that have been added. Gorgeous photography - some true talent and imagination.
Inspiring and fun.

Here are some of the ones I've taken so far.
Since we begin our new color each week on Sunday, I always try to take color fun pictures at Mom's when I'm over there after church.

I remember this antique orange juicer from when I was a child. It belonged to her grandmother, and namesake - Tommie! I love the way it has the same texture as a real orange peel.

Who doesn't love orange slice candies???
Mom just happened to have a little candy dish filled with them Sunday.

Mom did someone give you a head's up on this week's color?And here we have Mom's favorite toy...(well, besides her 4Wheeler and Rhino! Oh, yeah, and her new Wii.)
This is the Bad Boy and she mows like 250 acres with it!

I kid!
It's more like 160 acres!
That woman loves to mow.

Here is one of my favorite snacks right now since Honeycrisp apples are nowhere to be found.

A sweet & juicy naval orange.
I also have a new thing for Ugli fruit. (yes I spelled it correctly)
Ugly they are...but dang they are good!
(look for them in the fruit section they are from Jamaica.)
*****sorry....I got sidetracked, here is the orange!******

Last but not least is a cute little monster that was given as a symbol of a huge project at work.
I think he's quite adorable.

We have some new participants in the color fun group this week and I am so excited to see all the different things people are photographing.
Join in anytime!
Flickr, by the way is very user-friendly and easy (and free) to join.
Let me know if you need help joining in.

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MandieGirl said...

Yay! Gabe took the laptop to get fixed, so I can resize my pics and join back in! :)