Weather Anniversary

So it's "that" time of year again.
"that" being in quotes because I am putting emphasis on it.
"that" is not that in a good way, I'm here to tell you!

Today is actually the one year anniversary of the beginning of the devastating ice storm that hit my area last year. 

Next week, on February 5th to be exact, is the two year anniversary of the devastating F5 tornado that cut through my area in 2008. 

In other words, "that" time of year has not been good in my neck of the woods for the last two years.

Oddly, we are now facing the possibility of more ice this week.

Last year on this date, here is what it looked like:

Two years ago on February 5th it looked more like this:

Personally, I would rather be looking at this:

But "that" is just me!


JJ Sobey said...

We lived through that kind of ice storm in Quebec in Jan 1998. It was crazy. CRAZY!

ncwdust said...

Sure seems like this is a bad time of year now. Your photos are great.

Deltha said...

I agree with the beach photo. Wouldn't that be nice!?!