got to share this pretty

snowy sunset

So after a couple of days confined to four walls, it was time for me to get out...especially since the sun came out this afternoon.

What is prettier than the sunshine on a fresh blanket of snow.
It's so sparkly!

We went to Mom's for a bit and visited with her...bless her heart she was under the weather. :(

Anyway, as we were leaving the sun was setting and I grabbed a few shots.

Tomorrow my life of leisure ends and I return to work.

The forecast it more snow on Wednesday, so maybe...just maybe another unexpected day off.

That would be lovely. no?


HappyScrapper said...

What a great picture! Yes! I was such a good surprise to find all of it! Yes, more is coming so maybe you can get another day off!!
Have a great day!

HappyScrapper said...

Oh, not I was such a good surprise, IT was, snow...not me :) ha ha!
Guess I should proof read, hu?

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi there! I am so excited that you found me and I found you too. Now we can get our crafting on, Ha! Look forard to getting to know you better~

deana said...

Beautiful photo, Kim!

We have snow in the forecast for Wednesday, too. Hoping they're wrong... LOL!

Lynne said...

gorgeous picture kim; love it

mandiegirl said...

SO pretty!