New Reads

I've been adding blogs to my Google Reader left and right this past week.
Do you ever do that?  
Go through a phase of finding really cool new blogs.

I don't know what it is but I find some new crafty blog which links up to another, then another...well, you get my point.  Anyway, I have the One Pretty Thing blog in my reader and every evening they post the Daily DIY.  Oh man, I love some of the clever ideas I've found on that!

There is always something on there that catches my eye, which leads to a new blog...then the process begins.  New blog reader material!  

Here are some I have come across this week that I'm totally digging:

Tatortots and Jellow (don't you just love that name!)

And my Scrapbook/Twitter friend, Susan turned me onto an art journaling project that she's involved with that I'm looking forward to:
(Susan will be a Guest host too!)

This is one of the more clever ones I've come across:

Really cool things with photos & color.  It is definitely eye candy.

My blog roll over there on the right --->>>  is not actually up-to-date.  Although I do read all these blogs too, after I discovered Google Reader I kind of quit keeping this updated.  (oopsie, sorry)

So do you have any good new blogs that I should add to the 130 I already have?


deana said...

Thanks for the new links! Ruffles & Stuff is adorable!


deana said...

ps... The One Pretty Thing site is a total time-waster. As in, I've been perusing through it all morning now! TFS! :-)

sarah said...

thanks for the links too! :) i do that too... keep finding blog and then another blog and another blog! LOL. :)


la reina cotilla said...

maybe you can add my blog, I´m from Spain and I know you through ruffles and stuff blog. Maybe you like my blog. Thanks and regards from Madrid.