I'm lame

I know I have completely been MIA for several days and realize how lame I am.
Oh well.
Sometimes life takes over.
I really wish I could put more than 36 pictures in, cause there were some others that I had a hard time leaving out. If you have not looked at some of these beautiful photos over at the color fun flickr group, I urge you to give it a look-see.
I have some talented friends, I tell ya!
Here is the mosaic
(credits below)
1. orange earring, 2. IMG_0416, 3. IMG_0729, 4. P3290032, 5. Life Vests, 6. orange coffee cup, 7. IMG_0420, 8. Engine Crane, 9. orange goodness, 10. P3300003, 11. IMG_0414, 12. DSCN0381-1, 13. Color Reach, 14. P3200015, 15. Judy on orange, 16. unknown seed pod, 17. DSCN0586, 18. Tile, 19. orange monster, 20. DSCN0206-1, 21. Vision in Orange, 22. Tulip, 23. IMG_0443, 24. After Orange, 25. Scarf, 26. IMG_0484, 27. DSCN9027, 28. Back in 2002, 29. orange naval, 30. IMG_0584, 31. IMG_0178.JPG, 32. orange slice candy, 33. IMG_0187, 34. Tractor, 35. IMG_0301-1, 36. IMG_0435

This week's color has been royal blue.
I have not taken as many as I wanted.
I still have tomorrow though and since we have our first horseshow, I'm hoping I can spot some nice shots to add at the last minute!

Sunday we will begin purple.
Purple in honor of Easter.
Speaking of Easter.
I have completely failed in doing any eggs like I had planned.

We have had some crazy, tornado-ey, nasty weather and Mena, AR was hit hard.
I send prayers out to everyone there, and other places around who have been hit.

Happy Easter to all.
This is such a special holiday and I hope that people will remember why we celebrate Easter.
Signing off with the few royal blue photos I uploaded.