Happy -sort of - Easter

I've mentioned before that Easter is probably my favorite (or one of my favorite) holidays.
There are many reasons for my love of the holiday.
Mainly because it stands for my forgiven sins due to Christ's death and resurrection.
Also because of the resurrection of nature.
I also enjoy the Church services.
I love Easter meals.
I love Easter eggs.
I love Easter clothes....I could go on, but you get the idea....I love Easter!

Today was a little different however.
Don't get me wrong, the Easter message is still as amazing to me and our service was fantastic at church with a great message in music and message.
Our pastor, Brother Larry Weaver, who has been battling cancer and undergoing treatments returned after some time off for a radioactive treatment and he delivered a great message as he always does. He gave the invitation as usual and then announced his cancer has spread and his decision to resign.
Needless to say, I pretty much lost it with emotion...as did the majority of our congregation. We truly love our pastor and friend. He has been as solid as a rock for our growing little country church.

I am deeply saddened by this news, but understand his reasoning.
I will continue to pray for his health to improve and would ask anyone else who reads my blog to join me in that prayer.

Along with that news and the cold dreary weather, Easter just wasn't the normal Easter that I love. No Easter egg hunt, no photos of Easter dresses (even though I did wear pantyhose today people!) and no warm sunshine.

I AM however, truly thankful and blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family & friends.
Easter is a day that should be celebrated everyday...not just one Sunday out of the year.

Our color fun group did begin a new color today: Purple.
We did have our first horseshow yesterday and our girls did pretty well.
Molly Grace & Alex took the blue in lead-in!

Pictures to come... tonight I must sleep!


MandieGirl said...

Sorry for your not-so-happy Easter!

Lynne said...

I agree Easter should be celebrated every day; not only on one Sunday a year. Great thoughts.