more creating this weekend

I have just felt "it" this weekend.
What's "it" you ask?
The creating bug is what "it" is.
and let me tell you, "it" has felt good to create.
Again I used a lot of goodies from the Crazy Daisy Kit Co.

This first one was for a challenge over at The Creative Type.
The prompt: A picture is worth a thousand words. The idea is to get words on the photo.
I'm all the time taking pictures of the sky so I decided to use one for this prompt.
This is a 6x12 size.
Another one I whipped out this weekend was for the weekend shopping challenge over at SIStv. It starts with ten items and each person who participates chooses three items to use on a page then replaces those items with something new. I love doing these when I have a chance.
My three items:
  1. bird/birds
  2. orange paint
  3. two circles.
This is an 11x8.5
I love those little birds. They remind me of the Partridge Family! :D
They are Hambly.
We all know how I feel about Hambly!
Last but now least is one I whipped out rather quickly this afternoon.
This pretty much is all done with the Crazy Daisy Kit.
I am seriously in love with those orange Basic Grey letters!
(as you can tell - I've used them on most of my LO's.)
Anyway, I channeled my inner Debee Campos on this one with the spray paint drips!
That arrow thingie is really cool.
That is something new to me from Prima. It comes with a transparency sheet, the color design and the cardboard part has the shapes in cardboard and chipboard (more like the Tim Holtz grungeboard). I used thd chipboard as a mask. Also used some gesso...my new bff!

The photo is from New Years Eve/Alex's birthday.
The girls were singing and dancing the Bangles' 80 classic: Walk Like an Egyptian.
Another 6x12.
The Color Fun color this week is Gray.
I know, not so color fun, but I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone would do with it.
Here are a couple of mine from today:
Join in at any time! No strings attached!

I have some other pictures to share, but I'll spare you tonight o'blog'o'mine.
Peace out..


ncwdust said...

That's some serious creative juice you have flowing....great stuff!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE those LO's.....but U know that, right???? :):):):):):) and love love love love love the GRAY U found! :):):):):):):):)