New color, shower, and a weekend layout

Okay the color fun week last week was gray....not as much participation, which I can understand. I mean gray is a little...well, um, Gray!
There were some interesting submissions and I will put together a mosaic from gray (and purple.) yes, I am a slacker.

Anyway, decided we needed another bright color to get us going again, so this week the color is aqua/turquoise. Probably one of my favorite colors.
Join one, join all.
Color Fun Flickr Group

I have set a goal for myself to take one picture a day, but there are certainly no rules, post as many or as few as you wish.
Here are mine so far:
That outfit is from a baby shower I attended yesterday at church.

Here are some other shots including the mother-to-be and her hostesses.
It was fun, we played some fun shower games and had fun & food (of course).

How adorable are these "pacifiers" made from Jelly Bellies and Life Savers.
Look at this beautiful hand-knitted blanket and hat made by Wanda.
Did not know she had these hidden talent.

Debi drew these work-of-art of a baby on top of her head.
There were some other great "works-of-art" too I can assure!
Had to throw this cute boy in for good measure!
I love his disgusted look - He tires of me following him around with the camera saying "Angus, Angus" to try to get the perfect shot.

Finally, a fun little page of Molly wearing her Tinkerbell costume during Halloween.
I certainly dig how she's sporting her cowboy boots with her costume! :)
These pictures were perfect for the Scrap Mojo challenge: Use something from Peter Pan that you love and use a frame somewhere on the page.
I made the frame by the way out of cardboard, gesso and glitter.
After telling Brandi that I was putting together a page with these pictures, and she told me Marcus calls her Stinkerbell, I thought it was the perfect title.

This is a new fave!
Eventually, I will pass it on to Brandi for Molly's scrapbook,
but I think I have to keep it for awhile to admire! :)

(sorry Brandi)

Alex's softball team is in the finals of their Regional tournament and they have made it to the State Tourney starting this weekend.
Hoping they win it!

Crazy week ahead!


MandieGirl said...

cute little stinker!

Haberdawoman said...

Cool layout, I love the frame and that Stinkerbel name is just too funny.

Sharmaine said...

Hiya Kim :) Thanks for the blog stop and comments :) adding your blog too :) Love the Stinker page (lol) and all the photos!

MandieGirl said...

Um, you rock! You were quick to answer my plea for help! :) Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pacifier candies! Love the stinker bell! And good luck on the photo a day challenge!!

Simona said...

Such a fun LO!!! Great take on the Scrapmojo challenge, thanks for playing!

Michelle said...

I love that thought bubble! And the title is so fun too. Thanks for playing.
Michelle (Scrap Mojo)