cool finds for sale

After some yard sale-ing this weekend, I made some cool finds that I have listed on eBay. I really thought about keeping these (and may if they don't sell!) and trying to use them for some kind of scrapbooking project. Here is the listing for more info -OR- if you want to make a bid ;)

I have also listed some cool old (1960s) knitting magazines. I absolutely dig all the colors and pictures in these. I don't knit - although I would like to learn sometime, but just don't need another hobby at this point!!! Anyway, I would say that the patterns and pictures of techniques in these books are top notch. I doubt the patterns you could pick up at your friendly "wally-world" would ever compare!

Go here for all my listings posted today.

I've been off work for a few days and did not do ONE scrapbook page! Hard to believe! I have however been crafty...sewing. I completed a project that I have wanted to do for a while now. This purse.
This was made from some vintage fabric found in a table runner at the Stock Exchange in Viola + an old raggedy shirt found tucked away at my house for the lining + an old Air Force belt {so I'm told by Rick} also from the Stock Exchange. The flower was made from the same found treasures + some red rick-rack + a huge button that I received in my Red Velvet kit in June. Yes, I am carrying this crazy looking bag.

Some like - some not so like. oh well, Vera Bradley had to start somewhere right??

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