July 5 or 6

July Fourth was grand! I got to pretty much spend the day in my jammies - which was kind of a goal, I did some cooking {turnips, my first time} and I did some crafting {a purse project that is almost complete} and I did shower and we had a cookout and fireworks @ C&A's. It was a typical event with friends, food & fun. I love this time of year with super long days. Last night I looked outside at 9:10PM and it was still not completely dark. I *heart* that!

Yesterday (july 5) was nice - I spent time with my Granny and Uncle Tommy and friends. We had a nice visit and got to play my cousin's new Wii...Okay, let me just say that was too much fun! We simply must have a Wii. I even have a tennis injury and I think I'm a little sore from throwing fast pitches and bowling!!! How weird is that???

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