Week 40

Well, this week's photo doesn't actually fit into the self-portrait category, but I have lost my camera's battery charger and my camera died so my sweet friend Zeda took this with her lovely iPhone at an event we were attending on Saturday for work in my little town. It was Ash Flat's Eaglefest.

I may look like I'm cutting up in this photo, but this was serious business people...I was a pie judge.  Yes, pie judging is definitely serious business in small town south!  AND, it's a hard job, but as the saying goes...someone has to do it, right? ;)
I should mention, I also judged cookies and chili during the festival.

I have purchased a new charger, so I hope to be back in business by Week 41.  
I also hope to get some Clever Notion headbands listed in the Etsy shop.

And on a sad note, I have had more bad news in my family...my mom's dearest and best friend passed away unexpectedly late last week; and my great uncle passed on Saturday. 
I have really had enough doom & gloom lately, but I am remaining faithful that God will get me through the valley. 
The 23rd Psalm is always a good one to read in the down times.


Mitzi said...

So, I see the post title in my blog reader, and what's the first thing I think??... "she could have had a baby in the time she's been taking/posting pictures" Yeah, I know. That's just how my mind works sometimes. LOL!
And I am terribly sorry to hear of the saddness you are having to experience right now. I know how that is. Just know you are in thoughts and prayers right now.

deana said...

Cute photo! Something tells me you may have had a belly ache after pie, cookies AND chili! But yes, someone has to do it! LOL!

So sorry to hear about your losses, too, Kim. Sending big hugs your way...

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are a BRAVE woman mixing chili and PIE! LOL! I don't have the stomach for both! LOL! I love love love the photo of you!! And sooooooooooo sorry to hear about your Mom's BFF ... *sigh* the sadness of it all ... {{{ hugs }}} :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sadie said...

How did you get to be a pie judger? looks fun:)!

Bekka said...

Most awesome job ever!

Hugs to you! So sorry to hear of your losses.