Scrapscene Flower contest

I'm unveiling my crazy loofah flowers for the Scrapscene contest: The color is a little off. I tried adjusting it but it still looks kind of wacky. The background cardstock is a tan color, it looks a little too yellowish here. Anyway, you get the idea! This picture is me and my hubby, James in Daytona Beach on our super, quick trip with Cody and Amy (stepson & DIL) on my stepdaughter Brooke's wedding day in Orlando. When I journaled "no swimsuit required" that doesn't mean we went skinny dipping! It simply means there was not enough time to swim! It was a whirlwind trip for the wedding, but we HAD to go to the beach...I mean who goes to Florida and doesn't at least walk on the warm sand and dip their toes in the saltwater??? It was a great morning on the beach that day. I'm so glad we made the time to go. With all the stress going on with the trip and the wedding, it was just what we needed! We spent a couple of hours walking on the beach and sat on the pier watching the surfers for a while. Then (after a slight arguement) we ate outside at a great seafood restaurant...not exactly the seafood we wanted but it was good and the waitress was super sweet.

I have uploaded this layout to Flickr for the contest. Tonight is the deadline to enter...there are some FABULOUS entries. Check it out here. I'm anxious to see the winners!

BTW, here is a picture of the bride + groom {rob): Are they not a gorgeous couple!!?? Love is just oozing out in this picture!

On another note, we had our first night of VBS tonight and my class went so well. Those first and second graders were great and I think they actually learned something!

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