softball disappointment

Should have won, but unfortunately did not pull it out - went into an extra inning and got beat by one stinkin' point. UGH!
These girls should not feel bad though, they played well and had a fantastic season.
We will miss those seniors but wish them well in their next step.

Was rather happy that these two made the journey to see their little sister and SIL play in the finals. Very sweet to sacrifice their Saturday to make the trek. I do know how valuable those Saturdays are!
Very proud of Brooke for having all A's this semester. She is working so hard and it will pay off for her someday.
Rob & Brooke are always a delight.

Pretty obvious they are sisters, huh?And these two crazy chicks are always up for clowning around, even when everyone else is sad.
Despite the loss, we had a great trip with our friend Carolyn. We ate at Red Lobster, which was Alex's choice...after we ate appetizers at Logan's Roadhouse (I think it was) with the entire team.

The softball chapter of 2009 is now closed.
The new chapter?
Yes, you guessed it, horseshow!


Kim Rose said...

Those pics are great! Thanks for visiting my blog last week. I am so excited to have new blog buddies. I will add you to my side bar and check back often. Your blog is adorable!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Bummer that they lost....but awesome photos U got....and CAN'T wait for the horseshow photos to start! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)