Clever Tutorial

I don't know why I'm so fascinated by this bow tutorial!

The weird thing about it is that I don't even like this style of bows - you know the ones you buy in a big plastic bag and end up all smashed up.

I guess I just think it's cool that this is a total recycle project and something you can put together in a crunch if you find yourself with a naked gift!  (I hate to have naked gifts laying around - they have no modesty) 
I digress, sorry.

Those that know me know that I save the most random things....those who don't know me but also scrapbook or do other paper crafts can probably relate to my obsession with saving stuff.  I mean you should overlook my ever growing stash of security envelopes for goodness sake.
I like the inside design.
I am a junk mail connessieur of sorts!

Anyway, I shared this link on twitter/facebook, but I thought it worth posting on the old blog as well!

BTW,  I found this via my Scrapscene email today. Well worth signing up for if you are a scrapper/paper crafter.