Totally inspired

So I was a little freaked out about Ali Edwards already having a post up about the December Daily last week.  I was like, "Dang Ali, it's only the end of October.  Just what are you thinking Woman!" 

Next day, a Christmas commercial on TV.

The weekend Wal-Mart trip:  Christmas stuff is out.

So Ali, I owe you an apology for second guessing your timing.  I should know that Ali would know when to begin this awesome project.  I mean she's done it for three years. 

Then this week, she posted (over two different days) the foundation pages for her daily book and can I just say "WOW!?"  (Why yes, yes I can say "WOW!")

Her philosophy is to get the book done prior to December so you can focus on the holiday and simply print out a photo and enter your journaling or memory for each day.   Kind of takes the stress out.  

If looking through the pages doesn't totally inspire you to want to do this project, well, nothing will!

So I am posting the links to shoot you over to Ali's blog so you can glare at the inspiration too.

I truly think I am going to get started on my own book so I don't fret so much over it when it's time. 

Wanna join me?


deana said...

I did a December Daily for the first time last year & I am there with you! (Although, I won't be starting on the shell of my book until I return home... :-)

ncwdust said...

I'm still debating.... I've got that other mini that I'm working on (supposedly) and vacation and and and (how many excuses do I need)....... I'm probably going to do it.....

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

hehehehehehehe....and u see this is my fave holiday in the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wide world and i wanna start seeing commercials all year long....in fact....i am almost done with christmas shopping! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Mandi said...

One of these years... haha