Elsie 52 Week Challenge #2

The week two challenge over here on SIStv was posted last week:
FOCUS ON ONE PHOTO: Convert a favorite photograph into a black-and-white image, then use it as the focal-point photo on your page. It will draw your viewer's eye right into the essence of your layout!

Here is what I did:

This is my youngest (4 yo) cousin, Robert Jacob "Jake". I love taking his photos. He is so photogenic. This was Christmas Eve and my aunt had given him this vintage plaid hat and he wore it around most of the night. How many 4 yo's love getting clothes for Christmas? Well, this one does. He had gotten some kind of remote control flying thing and so we had to go outside in the freezing weather to fly it! I happen to capture him while he was watching it. I love how happy he looks and his little hand is so expressive.

Week#3 went up Tuesday, but I'm a wee bit behind, hopefully have it done this weekend.

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