It ain't easy bein' green

that is my color in the ATC color swap I signed up for and I had fun making all 17 of those little green machines! I cannot wait to get all the colors back and look at everyone elses handiwork on these. This is the first swap like this I have done, so I hope my work halfway holds a candle to the others.

Here is the entire pile of cards. I am pretty happy with the way they turned out actually. My next endeavor is the ATC alphabet swap. My letter: Q. I am also doing a bible verse ATC swap. I am really looking forward to it. Which reminds me...

I have another goal for the new year: reading through the entire bible. My friend Suellen is also doing this and she had one of the bibles set up to read by date. She let me borrow it to bring home over the weekend to catch up. Then I will be following along on through Bible Study Tools (BST) which I found through an online ad on one of my emailed devotionals. I am really excited about tackling this and really think it will be something good to do at this phase of my life. I am going to read the New Living Translation because I can follow it pretty well and understand it.
Happy Weekend!

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