Daily recap

So I have again fallen behind...darn it!

Dec 12th - hung the ornament from Kenda at work:
(I told the story last year in my December Daily, but she brings a humongous basket of ornaments every year and has everyone take one.)
Isn't that the coolest idea!?
Love it! (look closely in the bottom right - wonder who is taking that photo?) :P

Dec 13th - Celebrated Mom's birthday with pizza & gifts of course!
Love this photo of Mom, Jake & Joe!

Next was the annual Tour of Homes hosted by a local ladies' club.
Seriously awesome homes & decorations...really puts you in the Christmas spirit!
Tour of Homes
Okay, here is Amy and Brandi on a great screened in porch complete with fireplace!
Amy & Brandi
Recognize Amy?
Yes, she has lost some major weight!
Here is a photo from last year's Tour of Homes!
(That's Amy on the far right) 

Very, Very proud of her - I think she's down about 50 or 60 pounds!
And here is our group shot from this year, except poor Donna got cut out of the photo - it was crowded and the nice lady that took the photo was trying to hurry.  (sorry Donna!)
Tour of Homes
This was in the Murphy home...wow what a home it is!
Three levels, three kitchens, don't know how many bedrooms & bathrooms.
a home movie theater, huge game room, pool house with indoor pool, etc.
It is fantastic, huge, and homey all at the same time!

Dec 14 - first day of Secret Santa at work
I got this groovy, green aluminum bottle.
Already using it for my water!

Dec 15 - My Granny's Birthday.
She doesn't look 88 in my opinion!
We had lunch today and I took her that cute hot pink Christmas cactus.
Granny dec15

On another note, I only have three more days until Christmas break!
So happy for some time off.

Also getting ready for a big surprise birthday party for my Mother-in-law.
She will be 90 tomorrow and we are having a party on Saturday.
(Hope she doesn't read my blog) he he


deana said...

Cute photos, Kim! Looks like you've been having some fun!

Amy looks AWESOME! YAY, Amy!


mandiegirl said...

Fun! It all looks like SO MUCH FUN! :)

sarah said...

great photos kim!!! :) don't you just love the holidays?!

and congrats to amy!!! what an accomplishment! :)