For some reason that has been my blogging desire lately.
I think it's because of the distance that's come between my and my camera.
Just been busy and not capturing the moments as much.

That is all about to change I tell ya!
Even though I'm not a "Fall" person, I do enjoy this time of year for photographs. The lighting is perfect and the Fall colors are irresistible.

I am wondering about a photo challenge of some sort.

Any ideas out there?


jeanie oliver said...

you lead and I will follow-I'm needing motivating also. I obviously get the camera out around the baby, but not for the rest of the world. It also affects my blogging.

mandiegirl said...

I was doing a photo for every day of Oct. with Tara Pollard Pakosta, but I have been sick for all but one day, and have not been many places other than my bed, so you could say I've been lacking inspiration, ya know? ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

*sigh* that sounds divine....hmmmmmmmmmm.....I in AZ. sooooooooooo no fall for me :( but I would loveeeeeeeeeeee to see fall photos! :):):):):):):):):):)

Lynne said...

Your thoughts on fall are the same as mine -- not my favorite (because for me it means winter is soon to follow!!) but excellent for picture taking -- I don't have any good ideas for a photo project, but I would love to participate if go ahead with something.

deana said...

Well, I have no brilliant ideas, but I do hope your motivation returns!

Have a GREAT weekend, Kim!


LittleTree said...

Ok, I stumbled onto your flickr account and I found your blog. ispiration and motivation, I hear the struggle there . . . Fall is wonderful season for color . . . I am suggesting that you use balloons in your photos . . . Kinda odd I guess, but I love balloons, they brighten up my day. the only time I do not smile with a balloon is when it pops, then it is sad . . . Well, I must tell you I like your photos and thanks for commenting one of my photos on flickr. Have a wonderful fall . . . Peace

ncwdust said...

What about that shape thing you talked about before?