Menu planning

In order to hold myself accountable, AND to help me remember because my memory ain't so hot anymore, I am going to try to blog my menu plan each week.  I hope this process gets easier and more of a habit the more I do it.

I have been reading some blogs on menu planning, freezer and crock-pot cooking and one task I have in mind for my weekend is to do some ground beef freezer cooking. I decided that would be the easiest and most versatile ingredient to start.

I used this blog post as inspiration and I now have in my freezer:

3 pans of 3-cheese baked ziti
12 mini-meatloaves
1 lb. taco meat

and crock pot orange chicken ready to cook for supper tomorrow night. 
I also fixed a huge pot of veggie beef soup for lunch today and froze the leftovers.
AND, I plan to fix Mexican chicken and Spanish rice this week, so I will make an extra pan for the freezer while I'm making it.

Not bad for my first go at freezer cooking.

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