Want to get back...

to the real reason I began blogging 6 years ago. 

Really, it began as a way to connect to other crafty folks, but it has morphed into more over the years and quite frankly, not really interesting to me.  As blogging has become a way for many others to sustain a home based business or a popularity contest of how many followers one can get, I kind of got caught up in that and forgot it is simply a way to keep a record of my life, however boring or exciting it may be at any given time; or how crafty I am or how cool my photos are. 

I was wanting to look up something from our Florida vacation a few years again and knowing I blogged about it, it made me think of all the little details I have been missing in my life by not having something fabulous to blog about.  


I have this incredible little angel that will soon be a year old and I am missing recording so many details of her life. 

So I hereby commit to blogging my boring life and all my adventures 
in Grammy-hood. :)


Lynne said...

a couple of years ago I had the same epiphany so I deleted all my extra side bar ads etc. and now just document the daily stuff as I'd originally planned. A way to keep in touch with far away family and friends. It's like a family journal and even though super duper boring the grandparents etc love it and so do I. Some day I hope my kids appreciate it! haha

moxiemandie said...


Bekka said...

I've been trying to get back into the groove...I totally get where you're coming from!