River Rats

Yes indeedy they were yesterday! Alex, Brooke & Rob and James
& I spent the afternoon at Spring River...one of my most favorite places to relax. Even though I was feeling pretty cruddy with allergies&/or sinus infection, I did enjoy the day. We simply don't ever go anymore - it has gotten a little too wild for us these days, but when we do, I remember why I love it. The cold water, and soothing sound of the waves. It is refreshing. The best time to go is when there is hardly anyone else around so it can be fully appreciated. We enjoyed visiting with Brooke & Rob. I really do love hanging out with them. I'm really proud of Brooke - she is a sensitive, smart and caring chick! I'm so happy they are in Arkansas now and we get to see them more. I hope someday they are able to move up here and raise their future family!

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