Southern Regional Finals

YEE-HAW for Alex...She made it to the finals in the Stake Race class at the 4H Southern Regional Horse Show in Memphis! We are very proud of her {although completely worn out from the trip/sitting/early morning, etc}. She will be in the finals tonight. No pics yet, but will def take some today.
HERE is where the show is taking place the Shelby Show place located at the Agricenter. Wow, it is a nice facility. The funniest part are the six "Big Ass Fans" that are in the show arena. Yes, that is what they are called and they are big and they do get the air flowing. I'm completely fascinated by these fans and had to check out their website, only to find out their spokesperson is the "Fridge" William Perry, who played for the Chicago Bears back in the day. It was amazing with the heat index of 103, it was actually quite pleasant under these fans!

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Josh said...

Hey Kim,

Thanks for the positive mention of Big Ass Fans! I'd like to send you some swag for being so fond of us. Shoot an email to joshua@bigassfans.com with your mailing address and I'll hook you up with some free stuff!

Josh Sims
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