Reunion Time

So on the subject of family reunions.

In my experience these events are not something to get super excited about.  They are times to reconnect with what are virtual strangers in some cases. Can we say awkward?

Last weekend was my DeShazo reunion.
DeShazo is my maiden name so it was my Dad's side.  (Thanks Captain Obvious.)
Anyway,  Although I don't go every year, mostly because the past several years my Saturdays have been spent at horseshows, this year our immediate family was in charge, so I wanted to go and help out as much as I could.

We had the reunion at a little primitive church (I could really kick myself for not getting some pictures of the quaint one-room chapel).  This church, pavilion, cemetery, and seriously primitive outdoor potties are located by the home place where my PaPa DeShazo grew up.

I do enjoy seeing other DeShazo's...offspring of my Papa's brother and sisters and looking through old and new pictures in the family scrapbook that gets passed around each year

This is my Granny DeShazo (right) visiting with a cousin.  Now, Granny doesn't have this awkwardness because she really knows all these fine folks! 

And here she is again with my Uncle Tommy.

He's my Dad's little brother and lives in San Diego...I blame him for my schnauzer love.  {sidenote} His Sammi has been sick, but she made the trip.  I get to see her today before we make a lake trip.

Here's a candid shot of my Dad and two brothers, Hadley (16 and hates to have his picture taken!) He is a mini-me of my Dad.  Quite the cowboy!

My other brother, Kyle is a lover of music and is so talented and creative.  I was 16 when he was born and was so happy to finally have a sibling. :)  He was the cutest kid ever and could tell some great {long} stories! LOL  He loved Ghostbusters.

 Love those dudes!

One fun thing our family does is hold an auction - everyone brings something to sell and the money goes into the "pot" to pay for the catered meals, rental and other reunion expenses from year to year.

A few years ago my Mom (who was part of the family for many years and is still close with my Granny, Aunt, Uncle, etc...) put together a wonderful basket of fresh veggies and canned goodies from her garden for me to take to the auction. It sold extremely high so it has become somewhat of a tradition. This year was no exception!

I have a great Mom!

You can see I added a little "candy" in the mix. ;)

My stepmom put together this great outdoor set complete with cooler, everything one needs for the sun and water and those wonderful chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  She is incredibly talented and generous.  She came early to the reunion and decorated the pavilion - it was so nifty - patriotic themed of course.

This next item was the funniest one of all!

A redneck survival kit! Complete with Boone's Farm wine, paper plates, Moon Pie, Yoo-Hoo chocolate soda, canned cheese and saltines, and lots of other cute items.   Thought it was such a clever idea and one I may have to file away for some other occasion.

You can also see some great handmade beaded bracelets in this shot...guess fun jewelry making runs in the family. ;)

This picture cracks me up of my Dad with part of his auction loot - some Jones Soda.  he really is not asleep, just playing it cool in the back doing a little sneaky bidding. 

All-in-all it was a fun day and I did enjoy seeing everyone and visiting some - even the awkward moments.

My Mom's side always had a huge reunion when I was younger - at Lake Charles - it was awesome!  We would swim and it was a potluck style so there was always tons of awesome homemade food!

It was also a time I would always get to see my second cousin Leigh.  We were never super close, but always fell right in with each other come reunion time!  Leigh and her husband have recently gone through an adoption and their story is AMAAAAAZING!  I invite you to visit their blog and read about their miracle from God, Lucas!
Adams Familee

So what are your thoughts on family reunions?


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AWESOME photos Kim!!! Glad you had a great time! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Bharath (Pops) said...

Family... Nothing else makes you feel loved without saying it!!!! Nice post... :)

mandiegirl said...

Fun! i haven't been to a family reunion in years! :)