It's all in the name.

Okay, so some of you may not know that in my real job...the one that pays the bills (most of the time), I work in public relations, marketing and advertising.  In fact, I have a marketing degree and love what I do.  It allows me to be (somewhat) creative on a day-to-day basis.  Plus, a bonus is I also get to take pictures, so it's kind of a win-win for me.
(on a sidenote, I've been questioning myself about a career-change lately, which really seems silly now that I just read back what I typed! anyway...)

So you would think I would be kind of an expert of sorts when it comes to marketing myself or my own handmade wares, but in reality I still learn something new everyday about my profession, both in my real job and these little side ventures.

I am amazed by the talented people in blogging/etsy land - some who are young and have learned rather quickly!  I really think it's quite awesome - especially when you read about young stay-at-home mothers who are able to work from home, be with their children, and do what they love.  I say more power to them! 

I don't think for a minute that I could "quit my day job" and quite honestly don't know that I would want to given the choice; however, I do think the thought of a little side venture selling things that I've made with my own two hands is pretty nifty!

When you make stuff, it is cool when other people appreciate it. There is no way you could pay someone for the heart and passion they have for their craft, so I think most people who make things and sell them get more satisfaction from knowing others appreciate their time and talent than from making a few bucks from selling it.  Am I wrong?

Having had my Country Text Etsy shop open for awhile now and making a couple of sales is pretty sweet, but I'm currently working toward opening a second Etsy to include my crochet flowers, some repurposed jewelry and some sewn/quilted items.

Herein lies my dilemma: my name.
Not my name...my name is Kim and there's no dilemma there, that's what my mammy named me!

I mean my Etsy shop name.

I've kind of branded my crochet flowers as Crochet Candy.  I love it - cute, catchy and I think it describes them to a tee!  Several people know that is what they are called. Would be a great Etsy shop name, no?

The problem is I have other non-crocheted items that I plan to put in the shop.  Things like this:


When I did a little blog makeover awhile back I had all of this swimming around in my head and tried to come up with a blog name that encompassed all of my crafts and hobbies....

Enter: Kim's Clever Notions.  

I like the play on the word notions, and thought it would be a great Etsy shop name - I even did an etsy search to make sure there was not another Clever Notions out there.

I even thought about two separate new shops. Then I came back to my senses! I just don't think that is practical and it makes it hard to market - it's just confusing to people.

So now you see my dilemma - I need some advice here. 

What would you name my new Etsy shop?

Also, if you have an Etsy or plan to open one anytime soon.  You should go check out Amy Lapi's free weeklong workshop she is doing this week. She has some great practical advice and ideas!  Thanks Kara for pointing me that way.


Karla Rush said...

Never second-guess yourself Kim. You are always right on when it comes to marketing. Go with Clever Notions! It's great.

Krystal said...

Clever notions is good - if it doesn't exist, go for it!

Faith said...

So funny, I have just been struggling with the same thing-- coming up with a name for my future Etsy shop. It's so hard to decide, isn't it?? I love the Clever Notions one for you. Good luck! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I agree with everyone else Kim....your instinct is right on.... i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that name! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

sarah said...

i like the notions name. truly i do. ;)

whatever name you decide, i'm sure it'll be just as good tho. :)

big hugs,

amy lapi said...

you are so lucky to love your job!!

i LOVE crochet candy. :)

Kara said...

i like clever notions!

Jamie said...

I also like Clever Notions... it's catchy and all-encompassing. You can also have a section of your shop just devoted to Crochet Candy (because that name is adorable!)

I'm in the same boat... trying to rename my baking blog so that I can post about more than baked goods! Good luck :)

Bekka said...

I think Clever Notions is great. I also have enjoyed Amy's posts this week (heck, every week)! :)

*kim* said...

Thanks everyone for all your input! I am in the process of setting up shop.
Clever Notions it will be. :)

deana said...

I like it! Go with it! :-)