What is IN my cup

It seems my blog posts have a theme this week.
So now I want to talk about what is IN my cup.

Can you imagine just wanting a clean drink of water for Christmas?
Better yet, can you imagine your CHILD wanting a clean drink of water for Christmas?
Well, imagine if all you wanted was clean water to drink 365 days a year?

I cannot - nor do I even want to quite honestly!

My bloggy/twitter/crafty friend Prudy has been led to begin
a little campaign through myCharity water to raise
$500 toward a Christmas water project.

She asked her bloggy/twitter/crafty friends to 
join in her efforts to raise awareness 
and ask for a small gift toward the campaign.

I was totally in as I also feel passionate about the mission
of assisting the over a billion in developing
countries who don't have access to clean water.
In fact, our church supports Living Water International
each month and so I am essentially already supporting
this effort through tithe and offering, but feel led to do a little more.

$500 seems like a lot of money to me,
but in reality, it's really not if we can raise awareness
to have many people who are willing to help Prudy's effort.

Amazingly, $500 will help 25 people get water!

How cool is that!?

I think it would be really nifty to know I had a hand 
in giving such a gift as clean water to 5 families.

Because I feel so strongly about this cause, 
I am going to do a little giveaway in conjunction with this - 
I'm asking you to donate, but you may not have the funds to do that right now.

Trust me, I completely understand!

However, you have a voice, a blog, a Facebook account,
Twitter, so you can help spread the word and it won't cost you a thing!

Who knows, Ellen, Demi or Ashton might see your tweet and retweet it. 
I wonder how quickly we would reach the $500 goal if that happened? 
(Hey, I can dream!) 

If you are willing to help in some way, 
 I am willing to do a little giveaway!
Come back and link me up to your post, tweet,
link...whatever you feel led to do.
(enter more than once if you do more than one 'shout-out' for Prudy's project) 
I will give someone a Crochet Candy pin on January 1st.

Sound fair?
I know it's not much,
but it's just a simple token of my appreciation 
for using your voice or outlet for a good cause.
And I know there are tons of good causes out there,
but there is just something about knowing there are humans
(and animals for that matter)
who don't have clean water...something so basic
geez, I take so much for granted!

If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading through my mumblings -
and if nothing else, just say a simple prayer that more and more 
clean water can be provided each day!  :)  

AND when you get down during the holidays as we can all do, 
just have a nice glass of clean water, 
imagine how you can let your glass overflow, 
and remember how blessed you are. 

Check out these other great ladies who are helping the efforts:
Jenny Rain:  http://jennyrain.com/
Elora (Love Wins):  http://eloranicole.wordpress.com/
Amy Sullivan:  http://amylsullivan.blogspot.com/
Mary Hess:  http://maryhess.com/
Laura Leigh Parker: http://www.lauraleighparker.com
And of course Prudy: http://www.prudychick.com/


Prudy said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All your posts have moved me to tears. Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

this. is. awesome!!! so glad you're part of the team!

Amy Sullivan said...

So glad to meet you through this push for clean water. Love what you are talking about on your blog...especially you Care 2 Share project!

JennyRain said...

i love this!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You are amazing!!! Off to donate! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)