Week 16 is a tribute to my family that I married into...the Whitten's
That lady there in the middle probably shouldn't even be alive right now, but her strength and faith has given her more life to live.  The other reason she is her is that baby bump you see over on the right...that would be Ms. Carlee Claire Whitten, aka "peanuts" and she is coming very soon and making me into a grandmother! {it's really weird to type that!}

This was taken at Amy's shower last Sunday and represents the majority of the women tied to the Whitten family.

And since we are talking about this baby shower event, I thought I'd share some more photos from the day:



We cannot wait for your arrival Carlee Claire!!! 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AWESOME family photos Kim! Happy Easter! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Charlie said...

Welcome Home MeeMaw! What a gorgeous family and joyous occassion! Only good things from now on for you Kim! Blessings in abundance!

deana said...

Congrats on be owing a grandma soon! I became one myself 6 mos after Bryn was born...so I was only 33!

Glad to see your mother in law is doing better and out of the hospital. Have a Happy Easter!

deana said...

Ok...I just love the autofill on iPad. That should've said becoming a grandma. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Congrats Grandma (thanks to my marriage I too eventually became a Grammy-3 times over)!

Wonderful, wonderful Kim!

Bekka said...

What a beautiful photo, and a lovely shower!