Heart-shaped-strawberry-pink-ice cubes.

This is a sort of tutorial. I mean really you probably don't need a tutorial to make ice cubes with fruit, but humor me if you will, I felt like a genius for doing this!

Last weekend was my stepson and daughter-in-law's baby shower for Carlee Claire who will be here soon! I helped with said shower and was in charge of punch, decor, and tableclothes. Well, not only did I get a little crafty with the decor (enter tissue paper pom-poms) but I decided to jazz up the sherbet punch.  I chose raspberry by the way so the punch would be girlie and pink!

I had some strawberries on hand and thought I could make some ice cubes for the punch for a little added fun.
Wasn't wanting to use ice cube trays as that would be boring (plus I didn't have any) so I opted for a muffin tin.

Told you I was genius!

I then decided the ice cubes needed a little color so I went digging for some food coloring to mix with water...then it hit me....pink lemonade!   Which I didn't have on hand, but I did have these Crystal Light pink lemonade packs that you mix with a bottle of water.

Shazam! pink ice cubes!

Thought if I cut the strawberries just right they would resemble hearts. 
(these would be cute for a Valentine dinner or banquet too, don't you think?)

So I added a heart-shape slice and added a little lemonade - 
I probably filled up my tins one-third or so. 

I put my tin in the freezer and waited till they were frozen. 

Then voila....I had my sweet little pink strawberry ice cubes! 

They popped out of the muffin tin super easy and I just stored them in a plastic dish in the freezer. 

Little strawberry hearts frozen in pink! Can you get any more girlie and sweet? 

And here is the final product...pink sherbet punch for a pink girlie baby shower! 
The ice cubes ended up in the cups and were a nice surprise for guests
Oh, I didn't mention this is served in my Grandmother's antique milk glass punch bowl.
Thanks Mom!

How awesome did this shower look with all the delicious food, decor, friends, and family!?! 

Since a baby girl is coming into my life real soon, 
I welcome any links to other projects and baby-girlie DIY's.  
I have started a new board in my Pinterest called Baby Delights 
so I can keep all my found baby inspiration in one spot. 

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? 
I do, it is the most visually inspiring thing ever!

I hope to have another cute tutorial posted soon for a simple and fun idea 
for a baby shower gift that was inspired by something I found on none other than Pinterest!

It has a cupcake theme. 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Kim is a genius! I never would have thought of that!! love it!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Marit said...

I agree with Julie - it ís genius!!! And it looks super girlie and cute!!! I will remember this (and think of you while making!) Thanks for the tip and have a happy Easter!

Bekka said...

This is so pretty! Congrats on the little girl! :)

deana said...

So great... love this idea! :-)

My Mummy Daze said...

Oh I'm so doing this! I love these gorgeous strawberry love-heart ice cubes!

Anonymous said...

I'm so gonna try this, My kids will love things like this with their drinks at dinner time. I don't allow my kids to drink soda. only juice, lemonaide, ect....

Elena Sullivan said...

My name is Elena and I am curating a collection of Valentine’s Day recipe ideas for Looksibite(dot)com. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Looksi but it’s a lot like FoodGawker: they display a thumbnail image from your blog along with a short description and a link back to your original project. Typically you would submit your own images (like you do on FoodGawker) but they also have curators (such as myself) who do theme based round ups. I think your ice cubes would be perfect for my collection which will be published this Friday. Please let me know if you *don’t* want them included so I can remove them.

Barbie Chiu said...

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