The Chalkboard Wall

So back to this monster chalkboard wall.  I must share this awesome work from these two budding artists - This is exactly why I thought painting them a huge chalkboard in their playroom would be better than any toy I could buy them at Wal-Mart! 

These two are so gifted and our family has encouraged them in every way with music, art, and their schoolwork.  (You may recall Joe's Elvis impersonations...he's sort of famous for it locally). We are very proud of them and are enjoying watching them blossom into wonderful little dudes!

I hate to admit this but I erased this entire wall so I could set up my Week 23 shot. They were cool with it though.  This mural has been up for many months, so once my little project was over and erased, I'm sure they started a new masterpiece. 

I love the little details they have included.  Joe (the older one in white) has his stuff on the left and Jake's is on the right.  They are so clever, they traced the shape of the guitar from a real guitar!

The only part of the wall that I was not allowed to erase was "Crazy Man" which is Jake's piece.  He said he really liked "Crazy Man" and really didn't want to lose him.  (obviously, Cousin Kim obliged!)  

Excuse the quality of this one, it was a quick phone shot.  

I totally recommend the chalkboard wall - I would however use a wall that doesn't have as much texture as their sheetrock.  I purchased my paint at Home Depot and went through almost 2 quarts after a good primer (there was a painted mural on the wall). 

I gave them each a box of white chalk and colored chalk and I think it has really inspired their creativity on a large scale. 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooo cool! They rocked that wall! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Charlie said...

Love this Kim! I was just talking about doing this in Karen Ray's room! She has a big empty wall, and is approaching those teen years. I can just imagine how much fun she and her friends would have with it!

Oh, and the boys are amazing. Love their creativity! So very, very fun!

Anonymous said...

They are growing up to be such handsome young men! They are looking a lot like their daddy, who I hope is doing well!

Deana said...

Very, very cool wall, Kim! They certainly are little artists! Love all your photos!

Marit said...

Crazy man is awesome! I wouldn't have it erased either... and what a nice wall!!! I wish I had one when I was young... I had a small chalkboard 'table' (what's the name?) and I loved it to pieces!