ProjectHouse2012 has officially started

AND so it begins...
This weekend we started our little project.  There is so much to do, but we merely worked on the yard. It needed (still needs) a lot of work, but at least it is presentable for insurance purposes.  We also had to clean up lumber and brick that had been deposited on the carport and back porch. 

I snapped a picture when we arrived Saturday morning:

As you can see, it is a hot mess!  That brick wall you see above is in fact leaning out from the house, but that is all coming down anyway for new vinyl siding.

If you think it looks rough out here, I must tell you that lumber was once the floor in the living room!  Yes, there is only floor joices left in the living room. (we'll save those shocking photos for another day.)

Let us look at something nice:

Yes that is view from the house looking toward the road.  There is a great pine grove across the road. Very pretty.

Okay, back to the hot mess...this is one of the little outbuildings.  It is not bad and we don't know yet if we will try to repair this or start fresh.  For now though, it will be like this

AND this if after day one with hard work from myself, hubby, Alex and her friend Travis.

James and I spent Sunday afternoon working more on the yard. He wanted to finish with mowing and weed eater and I worked on trying to get that pesky vine-y stuff under control that you see taking over the right corner of the house. That stuff is crazy! The root system is in the ground and it's going to take some work to get it out.  I also put out tick, flea, and other pesky insect granules because rain is forecasted.  

Here is the end of day 2:

Oh, and we did encounter one snake this weekend...a baby copperhead. :\  Hoping its momma has decided to take up new residence!

This is from my Instagram feed.  I plan to utilize IG to help document #projecthouse2012 in real time. Feel free to follow me. I love me some Instagram!  


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I bet you will have it look amazing in no time!!!

Jamie said...

I'm so excited to watch this transformation... taking notes for when I can finally get a house :)