I want to share a project by one of my very dearest and "bestest" friends, Karla Rush.

Karla and I have about a 10 year history.

We met when she became my boss as I was hired at my previous employer.  She quickly became not only my mentor, but also my very close friend. I cannot even begin to list all the highs and lows we have experienced together, but there have been some really really good times and some really really bad times.  The awesome thing is that we have remained very close through it all.

Many people have not know that Karla is a super talented singer. Along with her multitude of other God given gifts, her soft, sweet angelic voice is amazingly soothing.  I have known this for quite awhile as we have had some fun karaoke nights at she and Fred's. :)

I am so proud of Karla for following her dream and having a CD made. I was also honored that she asked me to design her CD cover art for this project.  After she and I discussed the music and the title of the CD, we met and did a quick photoshoot and then we worked with the company who duplicated the CDs and put together the packaging and I am excited that she took delivery of her completed product this week!

If you are a fan of old time gospel hymns like Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross and I'll Fly Away, you should purchase yourself one of these. I must say, they are a steal at $5 and they can be purchased through Karla's website through Paypal.

Here is a sample of Journey: Ain't No Grave.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How wonderful for her!!! Off to check her CD out!!

Karla Rush said...

Thanks Julie! Hope you like...

Karla Rush said...

And, thanks to you too Kim. You are a fantastic photographer and friend.

Brooke D. said...

Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice!