I usually am not a dress or skirt person (especially when my legs are so transparent looking)
but I do dig a good twirly skirt. Don't you?

Saw this quote - probably on Pinterest - and thought it fitting:
When in doubt, twirl. -Anonymous

I love having no inhibition and feeling free like a kid and spinning and twirling
will definitely make you feel that way!  
Try it! 
WARNING: it will also make you dizzy and possibly nauseous so twirl with care! ;)

There will be a little something new over at the 52 Week Project site. Just some new inspiration for the weekly challenges.  If you are not participating, I urge you to give it a try for kicks and giggles.  There will be a wonderfully driven and inspiring guest blog post so I'm super excited to see her ideas. 
Be there:


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love these!!! I just bought a skirt... I haven't had the GUTS in years to wear one! LOL! :):):):):):):):)):):):)

Anonymous said...

Love twirly skirts! Great pic, Kim!

Marit said...

I will try it this weekend Kim! I have to dig a little to find my 'twirling skirts' but I am sure they still are in the house somewhere... enjoy your weekend!

LittleTree said...

Great photos, and you look wonderful . . . I enjoy your blog . . . I have not bought my new skirt . . . but you go girls . . . also Skipping is something us adults have given up for what ever reason . . . check this out for more info . . .


Bekka said...

The twirly skirt is a must!