Hello February - okay, mid-February

Well, at least I'm keeping it to less than a month since my last post. 

Okay, let's re-evaluate those New Year's resolutions goals, shall we?

  • The P52 - I did one week...WTHeck?  After doing two years...faithfully, of my own 52WP and I could only get through one week.
  • Dave Ramsey's debt free life....yeah, who was I fooling! (not totally giving up on this one yet.)
So far, so good:
  • My365 iPhone project. Love doing this to capture a little piece of my day.
  • Living more green and more frugal. Still making my own laundry soap and loving it.  I used all the soap made with Fels Naptha so made the second batch with  Zote.  {SIDENOTE: Although I like the smell and ease of grating of the Zote better, the Fels dissolves much better}
  • Continue to dabble in some couponing, a little menu planning and putting at least one thing in the freezer per week, so I call that fairly successful! Just have not been menu planning and blogging for accountablity.  I need to change that!
  • Reading my Bible through. I'm using my Bible app on my phone and have gotten behind a few times, but have caught up.  I'm determined this year - I have started this and not completed it for several years.
So what about you?
Have you re-evaluated your goals?

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