still my bub

My sweet Angus has been the baby around here for many years and with this face in the picture now, he feels a little jealous I'm afraid. 

In fact, I worry when Carlee is here because I definitely do not want him to bite her. He is the alpha of the household and is extremely jealous of anyone or anything that I may show attention to or that shows attention toward me. 

Although I cannot and will not tolerate him being ugly toward Carlee, I do sympathize with him somewhat since he doesn't really understand and has never had to.  He's 11 and that saying of "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" definitely applies in this situation.  The really sad part is that Carlee wants to love on him and pet him - she is an animal lover all the way!

I do not know how to change this behavior.  I welcome any tips or pointers!

In the meantime, I decided we needed a little photoshoot.  :)

I love you my sweet bub!


Marit said...

I love the photos! Sorry I don't have any tips, for I never had a dog... hope it turns out alright so that everyone (including the pet) is happy!

Jenny and Blake Cannon said...

Get Angus a pet. In fact, I'll give you Scout. Problem solved :)