I have a thing for paint.
I also have a thing for animals.
I may also have a thing for meaningful and memorable quotes.
Put them all together and you have the following:

Some recent canvases I did for my dearest friends (aka prends)

For my flamingo loving prend, Judy:

and for my horse loving prend, Karla:

(both of these pictures are from Judy & Karla's Facebook - I did not take pics before gifting them.)

I had such joy doing both of these pieces, especially knowing how much they would be appreciated and treasured.  Both of these chicks are special to me and we have been through so much over the past few years...good times and bad times, I knew I could count on them.

I have just completed another canvas for a gift - this one is for my stepmom for her birthday (which was last month - I know, I'm always late!)

She and my Dad gave me Angus for my birthday, and she recently got her own mini schnauzer and has fallen head over heels in love with Scruffy!  I thought she needed a little animal art to don her walls.

This one is a little different because I added a little sparkle with none other than GLITTER!!!

I already have some ideas for future projects like this.

(and, yes, I have blogged more than once today - it's a snow day, what can I say!)


Jamie said...

those paintings are adorable... you have lucky friends! glad you are back to blogging :)

Jen said...

how cute! you are one blessed woman! :)
xoxo friend!!

Karla Rush said...

Love the schnauzer sillouette and the lime green!