Cool Lady

Nancy Claxton was that - a cool lady. She was the kind of person you could just "BE" around.
No games,
No pretend,
No being somebody you're not.
Just Be Real.
That is the way she was and that is the way she wanted those around her to be.

Talk about a knack for decorating. Her house was always so cute and always had some new touch. I loved her door-turned-coffee-table.

She loved her family and loved her friends.

She loved to shop. I'll never forget her yard sale - and her just trying to give me all her stuff so she wouldn't have to mess with it. "Oh Kim, you need this", "Oh, you really need this." "This would be so cute if you did so-and-so..." Get the point?

She was a HOOT!

Very generous and caring.

Always even keel, until you ticked her off. Not a place I wished to be.

Cool just describes her - always fashionable, but never over done.

Nancy, we will miss you in our neighborhood, but you will always be in our hearts.

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